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Dervish Cafe && Resturant

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  • Dervish Cafe Restaurant is giving service approximately 25 years in Sultanahmet Square which is visited by millions local and foreign tourists. With its reach menu, hot and cold beverages, it is a distinguished meeting place with your fellows. The restaurant is located between Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. When you enjoy nargile keyf in front of Blue Mosque, you will get clear from all the stress of the day and relax. In summer nigths, whirling dervish performances accompied with live music take you to a different spiritual world in dervish cafe and restaurant

    Dervish Cafe 1
    Address: Kabasakal cad. No 2/1 Sultanahmet – Istanbul
    Between Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia
    Phone: 090 212 516 1515

    Dervish Cafe 2
    Address: Istanbul, Cankurtaran Mah – Istanbul
    Just next Cemberlitas Hamamı
    Phone: 0212 638 2779

Tamara Restaurant Cafe

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  • Desserts and sweet pastry with cheese. Turkish caffee, hot and cold drinks. Don’t you think it is interesting to dine with while watching thew blue Marmara in a restaurant that takes its name from a blue lake on the other end of the country? We believe that the act of eating should have aesthetic dimensions. We consider a successful meal as the transformation of “taste” in to an artwork. Our location: we are close to everyone.

    Again moving from these facts, we have prepared a tasty menu with our chef who has 50 years of experience in his prefession.

    Address: Sultanahmet Mahallesi Küçük Ayasofya Caddesi No:14 Sultanahmet, Istanbul - Turkey
    Phone: 212 518 46 66 pbx

Blue House – Terrace Restaurant

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  • There, you can experience with enthousiasm,
    the unique beauty of Istanbul.
    There, you can say: I’m in Istanbul.
    You can admire, while you are eating
    At our restaurant, facing the Bosphorus or
    Blue Mosque or experience Istanbul,
    During a short tour
    Through wooden houses by our hotel.
    Let it offer it’s poetic beauty.
    Let it touch you as well…
    Address: Sultanahmet Mh., Dalbastı Sk. No:14
    Phone: 0212 638 9010
    Note: Nowadays it is closed

Degirmencioglu Resturant

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  • Degirmencioglu Restaurant which has four places in Istanbul giving services approximately 12 years with its 100 kind foods to its customers who are locals and foreigns. It is possible to taste each one traditional Turkish food for someone who came to Istanbul from another country.Degirmencioglu main branch is located back side of Blue Mosque.
    Address: Babiali Cad. Himayei Etfal Sk. No: 11 Sultanahmet / Fatih / Istanbul
    Phone: 0212 528 2236

Sefa Restaurant

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  • Immaculate, gleaming a restaurant on the street.
    … Dishes, taste left on the palate, it is more important to keep the proverbial fig dessert restaurant with friendly staff then Chief among my favorite places …
    Address: Alemdar mh. Nuru Osmaniye Cad. No: 17 Cağaloğlu, Eminönü
    Istanbul, Türkiye
    Phone: 0090 212 5200670 - 0090 212 5200671

Matbah Restaurant

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  • Welcome to Istanbul’s most exquisite dining experience providing you with a selection of exclusive dishes once served at the court of the Ottoman sultans. Located in the heart of the old city in Istanbul and surrounded by all the major historical and cultural sights, “Matbah” presents the phenomenal traditional flavors of the royal Ottoman cuisine in the comfort of a vibrant ambiance, the Ottoman grandeur and Turkish hospitality.
    Address: Caferiye Sokak No 6/1 Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey
    Phone: 0 212 514 61 51



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  • Ferahfeza is trendy spot in the ever growing Karaköy neighborhood. The restaurant has an excellent location on the top floor with a view of Sultanahmet from its terrace and the Galata Tower from the bar area in the back. A very modern decor gives way to an upscale feel with a menu of Mediterranean cuisine.
    Address: Kemankeş Caddesi No.31 Kat: 5, Karaköy, Istanbul
    Phone: 0212 243 51 54

Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi

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  • Address: Adnan Menderes Blv. Horhor Cd. No:49 Aksaray, ISTANBUL
    Phone: 0212 523 3131

Sutis Kebap Dunyasi

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  • History of Sutis go back to 1922, our first place was open at the point where today Akbank Art Center located and called Taksim Muhallebicisi.
    Water pastry (su boregi), rice with chicken, bread puding and baklava with cream (kaymaklı ekmek kadayıfı ve baklavaları) are our specialities to be tasted. In winter season may be nice to stop to have a hot sahlep. Address: Istiklal Cad. No:13 / Taksim, Beyoglu / Istanbul
    Phone: (0212) 252 82 68

Guney Restaurant

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  • Guney restaurant was open in 1964 and served delicious turkish Ottoman cuisine. In addition to these traditional cuisine, today added mediterrenean and world cuisine to its recipy.
    Rich recipy of Guney Resturant prepared by professional gastronomy team, considering the different tastes of guests and according to the most fresh and natural ingredients, the season offer.
    Guney Restaurant host you with view of Galata Tower, inside the building itself preserve the fabric of region and the building historical fabric itself, offering an experience eating and drinking compatible with history and confort.


Yildizlar Restaurant

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  • Great view and taste are at once... Remain at your disposal with the most fresh and delicious sea foods. Yıldızlar Restaurant is address of fresh fish , plentiful snacks and excellent service.

    Address: Galata Köprüsü Altı No: 10 Eminönü – İstanbul
    Phone: 0 212 528 92 48

Ismet Bahcivan Sofrasi

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  • It is located in Fatih district, in the Kadınlar Pazarı square, very close to the Valens aqueduct. In the area there are butchers, shops, and restaurants with traditional food and goods from east part of Turkey. Bahcıvan restaurant have been operating since 1990 in the area. If you want to try Turkey eastern region specialities and classical kebabs, here is the best place. You can have the Perde Pilavi (a pie filled with rice and meat), Buryan kebabı (a variety of kuyu kebabı cooked in wood fire, in 2-3 meters deep wells cover with mud), Kitel (boiled dumplings with meat, parsley, basil, and onion) and Bumbar (intestine filled with spices, rice, and meat).
    Service is very kind as in all Turkish restaurant and, being far from the tourist area, prices are low.
    Address: Zeyrek Mahallesi, İtfaiye Caddesi, No : 23, Fatih, İstanbul
    Phone: 0212 521 8671

Ziya Sark Sofrasi

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  • Well-known more than a quarter Century with experience all along 32 years since 1982 ...
    Şanlıurfa wherein the meat is tendered by kneading with bulgur without using flame and heat. Şanlıurfa having starry nights inheriting somber songs born through thorax burn by çiğköfte prepared for wedding ceremonies.
    Şanlıurfa having Cultural Mosaic on the cradle of civilizations of one of the eldestsettlement. Having art of presenting foods & beverages on the basis of traditional respecting elders, loving youngsters during those wedding ceremonies.
    And the brothers baked by such culture have ideally decided to renovate the traditional Orient Cuisine coming from Birecik, Şanlıurfa against to giant ventured famous fast food restaurants. Now Ziya Şark Sofrasi recalled by the name of Kebap proudly since 1982.
    Address: Fevzipaşa Caddesi No:61 Fatih / İstanbul
    Phone: 0.212 531 30 03 pbx
    GSM: 0.533 492 18 64

Akdeniz Hatay Sofrasi

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  • True Address of Hatay Cuisine in Istanbul
    Akdeniz Restaurant which was founded by Mehmet Deveci in 1985 in Istanbul, to serve the forgotten flavours of the Hatay tremendous cuisine. We give great importance to improve our restaurant with the concepts of serving delicious products with the highest quality, caring to hygienic standards and showing Turkish hospitality to all our guests. All the spices and the other products served to you are obtained from Hatay, and the meat is acquired from Balıkesir and Çanakkale. All these products are obtained with giving a great importance to their naturalness and their convenience to health standards. Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası is grateful to you for your contributions to our cuisine’s representation in the world.
    gConcept adviser
    Barış Deveci
    Address: İskenderPaşa Mah. Ahmetdiye Cad. No:44/A Fatih/İstanbul

Kebapci Mahmut

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  • "As Kebapcı Mahmut master; I have been trying to offer different flavors to you, precious customers’ appreciation in an unusual style since first day. In the course of time, I have experienced the pride of cooking and offering kebab to privileged guests from politics, arts, and sports communities all over the world. Acclaim of my guests has always been my pleasure. In my 38th year in this field, I feel right proud of reviving culture of kebab-on plate. I thank you heartedly, my flavor-loving friends on behalf of my employees for providing us opportunity for offering flavors in such a decent environment."
    We offer our experience, art and traditional dishes to you with our master chefs and employees who are successful in their fields in our restaurant.
    Mahmut BINGOL
    Chairman of the Executive Board


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  • Specialising in Ottoman favourites (try “the Sultan likes it”, a tender stew of lamb served on puréed aubergine), this stylish period restaurant has a delightful courtyard garden, and a wonderful location out by the stunning Kariye Museum, some three miles from Sultanahmet.
    Address: Kariye Camii Sokak 18, Edirne Kapi
    Contact: 00 90 212 841 4534
    Prices: Mains from 35TL (about 12 Euro)


Ciya Sofrasi

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  • Çiya --- like its name, brings to mind high mountain peaks and mountain flowers. In the old days when one would go only for a good kebab or a good lahmacun and those that knew the name "Çiya" could learn the meaning just by asking, a dinning experience that is known as "Çiya" was born in this nest. To this wealth of gourmet expertise a second specially set-up "Sofra" or Kebab House was added. Soon after within a few meters of each other a third "kebab house" was added, hence the three "Çiya"s.
    The creators, will take you for a journey in their kitchen, rich in "dishes from a broad geographical space, spanning from Mesopotamia to the Ottomans, from the Balkans to the Caucasus and from Asia to the Arabian Peninsula."
    Address: Guneşlibahçe Sokak 43, Kadıköy.
    Contact: 00 90 216 330 3190

Genc Kebap

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  • The place where flavour and nostalgy meet...

    Genc kebab was founded in 1985 in Uskudar and from 1996 giving service to his clients at its new place. We give too much importance to hygiene, health and sacrifing of meat according to islamic rules. Genc Kebab with Ottoman style furnished Oriental Corner, reflects old times tastes and offer a feast of nostalgia to its customers. Genc kebab have a wide range of menu : Special kebab varieties, like Genç Special, Sultan Sofrası, Kiremit Kebap, Ali Nazik, Stuffed meatballs, Doner, Doner with yogurt, Casserole, turkish type flat and ordinary pizzas, salads and sweets. Genc Kebab is best known and meeting place in Uskudar, after Sultan Ahmet fountain.
    Address: Mimarsinan, Üsküdar/İstanbul
    Phone: 0216 334 4434

Camlica Sosyal Tesisleri (Camlica Social Facilities)

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  • Camlica is one of the most important recreation area, overlooking Bosphorus and Marmara Sea in Istanbul. The area is one of the indispensable place in Istanbul and to have opurtunity to have lunch at Camlıca social Facilities Restaurant. Camlica Hill with 3000 squaremeters of open area and 400 squaremeters of covered restaurant area, at the same time can host 1470 persons. Because of its unique situation not only for locals, for many foreigners also accepted one of the most popular destination. Among its specialities can be mentioned : Tenderloin filled with vegetables, Mashed aubergine with meatballs, Camlica Simidi and so many other flavours offered in Camlıca Social Facilities accompanied by turkish classical music. Plus it gives the guarantee that you will experience an unforgettable day with its unequalled panorama.

Oz Bolu Lokantasi

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  • Since 1997 Oz Bolu Restaurant is giving service to its clients at its best manner and always tring to improve its quality. Mainly shop keepers of Uskudar and very different group of people are among our clients because of friendly service. Beside excelent service, friendly behaviors of employees make our ordinary clients regular clients.
    Our menu include traditional and local specialties : Vegatable dishes, dishes cooked with olive oil, salads, rice varieties and 12 different kind of sweets. Our main sweet speciality is fig topped with hazelnut called "İncir Uyutma Tatlısı". This sweet is special to our restaurant in Istanbul.
    Address: Mimarsinan mah, Atlas Sk. No:11, Uskudar/Istanbul
    Phone: 0216 532 7331



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  • Reina with its magnificent Bosphorus view, is continuing to host its guests with delicious dishes and peerless atmosphere. Reina offers 6 fine dining restaurants, with gorgeous views of the Bosporus and impeccable service. Choose from Park Şamdan, Köşebaşı, Dragon, Ninja Sushi, Blue Topaz and Reina Restaurant.
    Address: Muallim Naci Cad. No:44, Ortaköy, Istanbul
    Phone: 0212 259 59 19


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  • We are never been an onlooker to the passionate union of Asia and Europe. We created Sortie for the people of Istanbul to witness this union. Since our establishment in Kuruçeşme which is one of the best spots of Bosporus we keep on working in order to serve you good food, good music and good entertainment.
    Since 2012 we began to serve 12 months of the year and host 7 restaurants that represent distinguished examples of the world cuisine. Sortie Club offers the latest trends in the world of entertainment to you at the same time.
    Address: Kuruçeşme, Muallim Naci Cd. No:54, 34345 İstanbul
    Phone: (0212) 327 8585


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  • The restaurant has been opened in 1972 on Ataköy Sahil Yolu as a luxury class certificated restaurant. Founders are businessmen Ömer Duruk, born in 1921 in Akseki, and İbrahim Denizer, born in 1933 in Eskipazar.
    Gelik means "Mountain House" in Karabük Eskipazar region. Interior and external decoration has been carried out in accordance with this tradition as a whole. Taste, filling grammage of our portions, hygienic and transparent production, quality product are the unchanging principles of our establishment. Approximately 400 employees serve in our establishment which has significant contributions to national economy and tourism sector.


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  • With the best view of the bosphorus in Rumelian Fortress area, LOKMA offers a rich breakfast for people who like to start the day happy and energetic and also with the different selections from Turkish and World Cuisine allows you to enjoy a lunch or a dinner across the view of Bosphorus. Address: Yahya Kemal Cad. No:18 Rumelihisari – Istanbul
    Phone: +90 (212) 265 7171

Lacivert Restaurant

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  • Lacivert Istanbul is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus and has the most romantic view of the Istanbul Strait. Lacivert “Dark Blue” Restaurant has been serving since 1999. Hop across for a coffee if you like, or stay for lunch or dinner. The view is spectacular especially at night; see the second bridge towering overhead.
    Address: Körfez Cad. No: 57/A Anadolu Hisari
    Phone: +90 216 413 42 24

Babylonia Garden Terrace

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  • Babylonia Garden & Terrace Restaurant offers traditional Turkish and Ottoman cuisine, as well as international favorites and a selection of fresh daily seafood dishes. During the summer, visitors can enjoy their meals in the shade of a 90-seat outdoor patio, beautifully decorated with traditional Turkish lanterns. In the wintertime, the restaurant offers two floors of indoor seating with authentic decoration and cozy open fireplace. Enjoy its atmosphere with Babylonia selection of Turkish and world music.
    For our main course, Turkish and Ottoman cuisine offers a rich selection of dishes. Babylonia favorites include Oriental Pitcher Kebab (for 2 people), Sultan Chicken, Spinach Stuffed Chicken , Islim Paşa Kebab, Sultan Favorite and Musakka. Our wide varieties of seafood offerings include Grilled Sea Bass and Sea Bream, Calamari, Shrimp Casserole, Mixed Seafood Plate, Grilled Salmon and Swordfish on Skewer. Enjoy your meal! We would love to host you with our Turkish hospitality soon.

Bebek Balikcisi

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  • Since 1998 Bebek Balıkcisi did not compromise from hygiene, service standards, food quality and customer satisfaction. The harmony of the old and the new strikes the eye with the magnificient sea view, 120 years old barrel-organ and unlimited wireless internet access. You can even witness fishers pulling their boats alongside pier of Bebek Balıkçı to sell fresh fish (that is live fish!).
    Some of our specialties are: Cold Appetizers: eggplant salad with melisa souce, parsley salad, root of blessed thistle, spinach salad. Hot Appetizers: fried and grilled squid, fish balls, fried crabs, Other than fried and grilled fish there are poached fish and fish in curlpaper served in our restaurant. But our favorite is fish cooked in salt.
    Address: Bebek, Cevdet Paşa Cd No:26, 34342 Beşiktaş/İstanbul
    Phone: (0212) 287 1364