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Whirling Dervish Show

  • Entertainment Tour: Dervish Show
  • Dervish is someone guiding a sufi muslim escetic down a path, known for their extreme poverty and austerty. His focus is on the values of love and service, deserting the illusions of ego to reach God. Most common practice to attain the ecstatic trance to reach God in Mevlevi order is Sema, whirling dervish dance. The Sema, whirling dervishes ceremony represents all a mystical journey of man's spiritual ascent through love, finding the truth and arriving to the "Perfect". Then he returns from this spiritual journeys as a man who reached maturity and a greater perfection, so as to love and to be of service to the whole creation, to all creatures without discriminating in regard to belief, class, or race.
    The dervish with his hat (his ego's tombstone), and his white skirt (his ego's shroud) is spiritually born to the truth. When he removes his black cloak, he journeys and advances to the spiritual maturity through the stages of the Sema. At the beginning and each stage of the Sema holding his arms crosswise he represents number one, and testifies to God's unity. Dervish perfomances though not intended as entertainment, has become a tourist attraction in Turkey.

    Note: It is forbidden to take pictures during the ceremony. The children under 10 years old will not be accepted to the ceremony.

Belly Dance Show

  • Entertainment Tour: Belly Dance Show
  • Belly dance is a type of Middle Eastern dance. Originally a “solo, improvised dance involving torso articulation,” belly dance takes many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style.

    Turkish oriental dance is referred to in Turkey as Oryantal Dance. The Turkish style of bellydance is lively and playful, with a greater outward projection of energy. Many professional dancers and musicians in Turkey continue to be of Romani heritage, and the Roma people of Turkey have had a strong influence on the Turkish style. Music in Turkish syle dance is very similar to Armenian and Greek music. It is very fast paced and energetic like the dance.

Istanbul Aquarium Complex, Florya

  • Entertainment Tour: Istanbul Aquarium Complex

    Entertainment Tour: Istanbul Aquarium Complex
  • The Biggest Thematic Aquarium Of The World

    In comparison to other aquariums of its class containing fish species living in the world’s seas, it is the newest with its travel route, thematization, interactivity, rainforest and cutting-edge technology.
    Istanbul Akvaryum holds a leading position among worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, variety of fish species, and the activities on travel routes. It is a project which makes ‘firsts’ and ‘mosts’ in its field.
    The visitors, by following a geographical route, travel on a route that hosts 16 themes and 1 rainforest going from the Black Sea towards the Pacific.
    In thematization of the spaces, there appear cultural, geographical, historical and architectural properties of each space with suitable decorative elements, interactive games, movies, and visual graphics by which details about the region are provided. Sound and lighting systems of each space have been arranged in conformity with this thematization.
    Istanbul Akvaryum is managed by specialists in their field and in compliance with international standards in every sense.
    All living creatures in Istanbul Akvaryum continue to live in the conditions as nearest as possible to those of their habitat.

    Istanbul Akvaryum In Figures

    Water volume: 6.800 cubic meters; 64 tanks in total
    A two-storey giant project with total area of 22.000 square meters on 100-decare land,
    Approximately 1.500 species, 17.000 land and sea creatures in total, which are interesting from each other.
    Address : Senlikkoy Mahallesi, Yesilkoy Halkalı Cad. No : 93 Florya - Istanbul

Su Ada Club - Galatasaray Island

  • Entertainment Tour: Su Ada Club - Galatasaray Island
  • The island at the Kurucesme district of Bosphorus was given as a present to the Serkis Kalfa, the chief architect of the palace in 1872 by Sultan Abdulaziz. Having built a three storey pavilion in this island, Serkis Kalfa moved here. The island was bought by Galatasaray Sports Club in 1957 and it was turned into a place of social facilities.
    With its unique atmosphere it is one of the world’s most privileged locations, and is hosting selected people from all over the world at the meeting & events area during all seasons. Whatever your palate tastes are, you'll find a taste that will appeal you. The Kebabs, sushi, Italian ways, the fish and a combination of many other flavors ...
    Suada Club – GS ISLAND has a capacity of 700 guests (seated) or 1500 guests (cocktail). You will experience events that you will remember for the rest of your life thanks to the entertainment business’ creative name, Su Entertainment Group.

Bogazici Zoo and Botanic Park

  • Entertainment Tour: Bogazici Zoo and Botanic Park
  • The zoo is located (in Darıca) approximately 40 minutes drive outside of Istanbul’s center and is a great day out for children. There are many animals to see and a huge variety of plants and flowers to discover. It is entertaining and educational and houses an excellent restaurant, which will suit the tastes of both you and your children. There is also a gift shop, where souvenirs can be purchased.


  • Entertainment Tour: Vialand
  • VIALAND, the first shopping, entertainment and lifestyle complex in Turkey and the world to combine a theme park, shopping center and exhibition center in one, with an investment by the Gürsoy Group and Via Properties partnership valued at 650 million dollars, opened its doors to visitors on May 26, 2013.
    VIALAND, which is spread over an area equal to 100 football fields, provides affordable alternatives that appeal to every age and interest group with the wide range of brands it targets with 110 thousand square meters of leasable commercial space on its shopping streets.
    Address: Yeşilpınar Mahallesi
    Şehit Metin Kaya Sokak No:11 34065 Eyüp/İstanbul Phone: +90 212 600 01 00

    VIALAND Tema Park
    Working Days / Weekends : 12:00-19:00 / 21:00-24:00

    Between 19:00-21:00 Tema park unites are closed

Aquarium Bayrampasa

  • Entertainment Tour: Aquarium Bayrampasa
  • Looking for family attractions and things to do in Istanbul? Visit Istanbul SEA LIFE Aquarium, located in Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall and home to an exciting collection of sea creatures. With an amazing 83m long underwater Ocean Tunnel, 270 degree panoramic viewing Sea Bed, 21 themed zones with 47 display tanks and more than 15,000 sea creatures, the aquarium is the perfect stop for family fun! To get any closer you would have to get wet!
    Be amazed by Europe's largest shark collection at Shark Kingdom. Marvel at the Bowmouth, Hammerhead, Grey Reef Shark, Zebra and Sand Tiger Sharks and many more as they swim majestically overhead
    See our amazing underwater Ocean Tunnel first hand
    Touch a starfish or crab in our Touchpool Experience
    Watch our fish feeding shows throughout the day
    Don't miss Europe's newest interactive experience "Amazing Creations" where children draw their dream fish, color it, scan it on a multimedia scanner and watch it come alive in the digital aquarium.
    Address: Kocatepe Mah., Paşa Cad., 34045 Bayrampaşa/İstanbul
    Phone: 0212 640 2740
    Working Hours: 10:00-22.00