Medicine in Turkey

Turkey will be the center of health tourism

  • TURKEY will become the leader in the field of global health tourism considering the 1 billion populations of regional countries.
    Nearly 1 billion people living in countries near Turkey are having problems about healthcare services.
    “Nowadays, there is around 2 billion dollars patient services income in Turkey. After these studies are improved, the target has been determined as 20 billion dollars within the next decade.
    Considering the population of regional countries, our country will become leader in the field of global health tourism as project of the year 2023.
    Patients from various countries, especially European and Middle Eastern countries, prefer Turkey for medical operations. The income that Turkey obtains from health tourism is approximately 2.5 billion dollars. According to the targets, it is aimed to increase this to 8 billion dollars in 2017. Turkish cognates who are living in different geographies have great importance on the health tourism sector.
    Europeans come to Turkey, since they find it attractive that the costs of health operations are approximately 1/3 in Turkey comparing with Europe. In this respect, it is expected that the Turkish population of over 15 million living in Europe will come to Turkey besides the Turkish people in Middle Asia.
    109 thousand patients came to Turkey in 2010 and 583 thousand patients from nearby geographies especially from Libya, Iraq and Germany preferred Turkey in 2014. Turkey ranked among the 10 most preferred countries around the globe. The fact that our hospitals reached the EU standards and costs of medical operations are reasonable, makes Turkey attractive. Most of the international patients preferring Turkey come from Germany, Libya and Russia; the medical tourists, on the other hand, come from Libya, Germany and Iraq. In the light of the survey researches, the most famous cities internationally known are Bursa, Antalya and Istanbul regarding health tourism.
    Here are the reasons why people prefer Turkey for both healthcare and holiday: “Turkey, which has an important role in global tourism movements, increases its share in medical tourism field day by day with its infrastructural advantages, qualified healthcare services, qualified labor force, competitive price advantages, governmental support, geographical position, unique natural and historical heritages, proper climate conditions powered with qualified tourism management and globally known Turkish doctors.”
    Oncologic units are one of the mostly preferred branches of the sector in which international patients are admitted at the fields such as cardiac surgery, orthopedics, in vitro fertilization, dental treatment, aesthetic operations, hair transplantation, and genetics. It is the consensus of oncologists that Turkey is the attraction center of the neighboring regions in cancer treatment.
    Hematologic cancers and stem cell transplantations are defined as ‘qualified healthcare service” in Europe and America. One of the effective points for the patients in preferring Turkey is that the healthcare services like cancer and stem cell are very expensive in other countries. Risk of cancer increases associated with the elder population, especially in western society. Having scientific adequacy, equipped accredited facilities comparing with its competitors, validity of relatively more economical prices regarding medication, accommodation and healthcare services, have important effect among the reasons why Turkey is preferred.”
    As the developed hospitals provide important advantages for healthcare tourism in both architectural and medical equipment ways, their high level of information and knowledge accumulation is also of high importance. Another reason why people prefer Turkey for healthcare tourism is the presence of very modern and new hospitals. There are 1500 hospitals in Turkey. Approximately 900 of these belong to Ministry of Health. We are not talking about the same standards in all of them, the hospitals that are accredited by the independent international accreditation institutions have a chance like this.”
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